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Jeffrey A. Land & Assoc.

Attorneys at Law

Our practice focuses on all aspects of civil litigation including business, construction, employment and personal injury law. We have a wide range of clientele, from individuals to publicly traded, international corporations. Our goal is to provide quality legal representation to each of our clients, in all matters great and small. Attention to detail is paramount. Personal care to our clients and client’s issues is unending. The firm is persistent in its goal to achieve complete client satisfaction and is focused on winning results. For more than sixteen years we have prevailed in Federal and State Courts throughout the southeastern and western United States. We pride ourselves on thorough preparation and unique trial advocacy techniques. The firm utilizes the latest technology in computer research, file organization, and trial presentation. We locate and utilize only the best expert witnesses. When our clients are satisfied, we are satisfied.
The scales of justice measure the strength and weakness of a case. Much of that depends on whether the advocate for either side is full of zeal for his client.
The proper practice of law amounts to plain, hard work. Northing beats thorough preparation.
The law is vast, the master of which requires dedication and a love of the law.
Often, a client’s case is not straightforward, a solution not easily found. Persistence prevails.